Jeff Middleton

Discover the SMB MVP Community Roadshow typically hosts our annual IT Pro Conference (ITPC) in New Orleans, but for this year we grabbed on an opportunity too good to miss. Beginning in May 2011 through January 2012, our goal is to reach every grassroots local IT Pro community group who invites us. We are funded to travel with an initial 60+ cities, presenting an international roadshow to traverse US, CA, AU, NZ, UK, IR and into EU in a span of elevenmonths. I am pleased that I have this chance to provide the combined logistics and management of ITPC with sponsorship resources from, but this isn't the big story here. 

This tour is all possible because of funding from HP and Microsoft, plus the significant volunteer contributions of the worldwide IT Pro Community. The major funding is underwriting an entirely volunteered peer to peer roadshow of experts moving city by city, a truly remarkable approach to education in our SMB space. Regionally and internationally, it will be the sacrifice of time and collaboration efforts of dozens of SMB MVPs, community leaders and the enthusiastic support of thousands of people like you that make this happen.

When I say "you", I'm assuming you are one of the IT Pros around the world who appreciate peer-level help and guidance in both local community group meetings, as well as the online community of professionals who collaborate daily to solve problems and grow their business options.

The event content is being developed and presented independently by Microsoft MVPs from various specialties, presented by our peers going out to do events with grassroots local IT PRO GROUPS as the hosts of the events. Attending any one of these events, you will find local MVPs presenting the content in each of the regions the tour visits, plus a good shot at meeting one or two "travelling" presenters whenever and wherever that is possible. Just as important, without the help of the local groups and their leaders assisting us with arranging venues and meeting arrangements, we simply could not get this done.

Our goal in putting together this event tour is to provide peer level perspective on some of the core products of interest to IT consultants and resellers in the SMB space, to give you a sense of what we see as valuable or most functional, with some honest opinions on how we ourselves are using these options. We will see presentations addressing traditional on-premesis server applications with HP and Microsoft featured products, plus the no-nonsense independent "voice of experience" you get from a peer level presentation.
On behalf of all the MVPs and IT Pro Group leaders, I want to take a moment to thank both Microsoft and HP for their support in this endeavor, and their embrace of our plans to take that assistance and move it out to benefit the community. And on a personal note, I salute all of the community members who are dedicating time to make this happen.

- Jeff Middleton, Founder of