About the Event Roadshow coming to your area

What should you look RIGHT NOW as the best deployment options for on-premesis first server?

How do you choose a powerful single-server solution, or even growing the 2-3 server deployment on-site, yet have the option to integrate on-site and/or cloud features at whatever pace you prefer?

These are precisely the range of questions to be answered by members of the community and MVPs on tour in the SMB MVP Community Roadshow. The entire show is being presented as peer-to-peer presentations by our experts.

The content page has a summary of products and technologies we will cover. In our sessions we will be providing technical demos and practical strategies for IT consultants and resellers of any size on how to remain focused on traditional on-premesis SMB products and marketing strategies, or to adopt cloud integration at whatever rate you prefer.


Do you know the Windows 2011 Servers by name?

The insiders know the Colorado product line with Aurora, SBSv7, Windows Home Server and Breckenridge. It was an amazing development effort for the product team most well known for Small Business Server. Yet, that's not the end of the description.

For 2011, Microsoft has released four new server products that are SMB focused, on-premises deployable, and scalable to provide you the range of choices for the "First Server, Right Server" best suited for your deployments. HP has identified several SMB centric server options, plus a few exciting new options like the MicroServer, a range of options that assure that neither your price point nor your power needs are going to be a problem with these platform combinations.

  • SBS 2011 Essentials makes the return of that fabulous price-point popularized by SBS 2003 Standard Edition, now with the right-size features most requested in one package.
  • SBS 2011 Standard and Premium Edition preserve expectations for the traditional Small Business Server history of a single-server deployment with Exchange, SharePoint, RWA and SBS Console Management with no compromise on the option to go multi-server in the premium with a dedicated SQL or alternative server use.
  • MultiPoint 2011 Server introduces the right-size deployment of a Terminal Server with the convenient preparation of deploying it with SBS or in a stand-alone environment for education or an application team. Simple, scalable, ideal for workgroups and SMB managed environments.


How do you to deploy it now?

HP has a series of familar SMB scale servers as well as some new platforms you are going to see demonstrated at most of the tour cities. We also will show the multi-user features of MultiPoint with a variety of thin-client and desktop configurations by HP. All of this emphasizes flexibility in cost and functionality that you may choose to suit your needs.

No matter what product or platform you intend to deploy, or you are moving up from, if your concern is how to maintain continuity of the business operations while upgrading or migrating the server platforms, this is where SBSmigration.com provides you "move anything to anywhere"  options in a new line of Swing Migration solutions. SBSmigration.com now provides support for all SBS platforms, as well as standard Windows stand-alone down-scale or cloud-integrated deployments or a full line of Exchange with Windows migration options.