How is the tour being organized?

This is a community driven, community organized, community presented roadshow.

You may be surprised, all the presenters are IT Professionals, most all will be Microsoft MVP Awardees, and all will be volunteering their time to be at that event and to present their experience and insights on these topics. The funding from the sponsors is going entirely to the expenses of presenting the tour, there are no paid presenters or Microsoft/HP staff to be on hand. This is a community tour.

The tour is being self-managed by MVPs under the same framework we use for developing the content and presentations for the IT Pro Conference (ITPC), a conference held in New Orleans annually. The ITPC in handling the production and expense management for this roadshow, including how to manage paying the expenses of the presenters going city to city. All the group leaders in all of these regions who will be assisting will also be representing their community groups which are (almost certainly without exception) volunteer positions, and yet they too will be on hand to move the event development into high gear and peer collaboration.
In addition to the funding for operations, expenses and travel, this event tour is being provided with resources from HP and Microsoft for our operations, logistics, and demo gear sufficient for multiple teams to be in the field concurrently. Those resources include an Office 365 collaboration site, and the necessary HP server and infrastructure gear to demonstrate the SBS 2011 product family, multi-client MultiPoint 2011, plus some tangent discussion on Windows Home Server and Windows Storage Server Essentials 2011.

In summary, the sponsors who are funding this event tour are presenting an unusual opportunity for you to discover that a peer might just be your best advisor on what works for them, and what could work for you in your IT Pro business.