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For small businesses: “Just Right IT”
For SMBs, some technology is too small to get the job done. And some technology is too big to manage efficiently. With HP, you don’t have to make compromises. If you’re in a small business, you can look to the HP portfolio for “Just Right IT.”
That’s the case with the new HP ProLiant MicroServer. It helps you improve employee productivity with faster access to files and applications and with simplified management. It also helps you secure your sensitive financial records, and it provides a single location for easy data backup. And looking ahead, it enables you to adapt to changing needs by easily expanding memory and capacity.
Why is the HP ProLiant MicroServer unlike other server solutions for micro businesses? Three key benefits set this server apart:
  • Reliable. With fewer components, the server offers fewer points of failure.
  • Affordable. For less than the cost of adding a PC, you can step up to the functionality of a server.
  • Quiet. The server, which is up to 50 percent quieter than comparable solutions, can be conveniently placed on top of your desk. The acoustic level is lower than that of a “whisper-quiet” public library.
Breaking new ground in SMB computing

The HP ProLiant MicroServer is a no-compromise server. It just happens to be designed specifically for businesses that have not yet realized the benefits of a server.