Swing Migration

Can your migration methodology replace anything moved anywhere?

Are you migrating with SBS, or Exchange with Windows, or keeping it simple on plain Windows with seamless transitions?

Swing Migration used to be that cool thing you do with SBS servers. Now it is that cool thing you do with any Windows-based domain, moving to any other Windows domain with or without Exchange, you choose what you want to go to, we can guide you there.

What does a seamless migration look like to you?

If you are familiar with Swing Migration, you likely have valued the following benefits:

  • Same domain name and Active Directory preserved
  • Same server name and IP preserved
  • Work "construction offline" for parallel testing and an open timeline to deploy
  • Existing production server remains online and unchanged during construction
  • Nothing to Undo if your migration plan is delayed or construction becomes blocked
  • Transparent replacement of the OriginalDC with a new FinalDC
  • Option to put the OriginalDC back online if needed...unchanged by the migration path
  • Convenient and optimized work to build offsite, offline, and minimize transition time
  • Schedule the server transition, and the data transfer, obtaining minimized downtime
  • Little if nothing to do at the workstations, no change to profiles or UNC paths
  • Predictable project construction path
  • Clean install server that "looks the same" to the domain computers and users

 Check out the options and how it works: